Why Corporate Alchemy Consortium

We are a social impact consultancy committed to shaping the future through regenerative

organizational and economic well-being.


As a global consortium, our hearts are set on contributing to large scale systems change through

comprehensive conscious leadership and organizational solutions worldwide.


Evolve humanity and business through health and human connection.

Empower people to live and lead with an open heat, open mind and open will.

Transform organizational systems to benefit employees, society, and the world.

 Build resilient teams to shape the emerging future of business.

  Forge networks of conscious leaders who value an economy for the common good.

Activate heart-centered leadership and business development.

 Foster emotional intelligence for intergenerational workplace fusion.

Integrate spirituality in leadership and business to enliven and evolve, Self and work.


As the Founder and Chief Visionary of Corporate Alchemy Consortium it’s my role to see beyond what is merely apparent- leaders unfulfilled from the mounting stress of life and career, dysfunctional teams, eroding cultures and stakeholder well-being and offer strategies and solutions.

The current chaos and complexity holds for people and organizations an alchemic opportunity-that golden opportunity- of turning something ordinary, or less than ordinary, into something extraordinary.

Reorganizing systems and structures to support and sustain current and future operations begins with a strong vision and strategic partners.

When you’re ready, we’re here.

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