Yoga is known to play a significant role in the treatment and management of stress and stress induced disorders. It is said that a company’s return on investment is approximately $3 per employee, but without the high rate of absenteeism, doctor visits, chronic health pain and suffering, it becomes an even greater ROI.

Corporate Prana will customize a yoga program that fits the needs of your company and employees. We see yoga as a daily requirement to relieve the body of it’s musculoskeletal imbalances from sitting for prolonged periods and stress that accumulates in the body from the mental demands of the day. Unless these are released, they flood into home life and the next day on the job. We offer different styles of yoga to meet the needs of your employee demographics.

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As with yoga, meditation offers unlimited potential for transforming one’s life. This mindful act requires little other than sincere desire, commitment, and time.

It has been said that meditation is like taking a mental shower to wash away the harmful residue that lingers from negative conditioned thought patterns and chatter. Cleansing and restoring the mind with meditation is the same as washing the body of impurities each day to present ourselves to others. Without renewing our mind each day however, there is little, if any, clarity, certainty, calmness, connection to ourselves or others.

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Developing ourselves on a personal level and advancing our careers professionally is invaluable and so are the rewards of learning how to live energetically. Prana is our life force that governs each of these realms, so becoming educated on how to navigate the internal and external world is paramount.

Onsite workshops, lunch and learns, professional breakfast gatherings or network meetings, are powerful opportunities to highlight the above mentioned and are specifically designed for the audience, location, and duration of the event. Corporate conferences held at designated San Diego hotels and resorts are additional industry opportunities to educate and inspire any overly expended professional.

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