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2a519eabc521d4c0ee8d36a712309d9e_imresized-300x194Remember when you were young and all you could to think about was anything other than going to school, doing homework, or household chores? When you would daydream about recess while you attempted to stay still through math until the bell rang, or having to sit at the kitchen table to do homework while your younger non school aged sibling played outside the kitchen window with their friends? And when you yearned for the day when you would grow up and not have the stress of being a child where your parents and other adults were in control?

Flash forward a few decades and you find yourself having a similar dialogue in your mind. The players and the circumstances have changed, but the lens of life perspective is coated in STRESS. Chances are, there was little, if any, emphasis on honing skills to release your stress as a child, a teenager, or even worse, as an adult. Garnering emotional intelligence (EQ) was rarely part of the discussion, your IQ was what would get you into the college and help land that job of your dreams.

Where has this left you in navigating, managing, and enjoying life when stress has been part of your story-if you have overlooked the importance of creating a self care toolbox? By the way, a notable definition of stress, is when your emotional and physical needs are not being met. Unfortunately, research numbers show that on average this happens 8-13 times a day for the people. It is important to highlight the statistics below so you do not feel alone and realize that learning to increase your EQ is just as critical as climbing the corporate ladder. In fact, it might be the very thing that will allow you to do so with more grace and compassion when the pressure is on.

Statistic Brain (a website that will give you volumes of data) compiled stats and percentages from the American Psychological Association in addition to the American Institute of Stress in the Q3 of 2014. Heres what they found as being the Top Causes of Stress in the United States.


  2. MONEY

Should you be interested in knowing the factors behind the causes visit and search for Stress Statistics. Now, for a few staggering percentages that will hopefully put your attention and intention on creating a healthy lifestyle for 2015 and beyond.


77% of those polled regularly experience physical symptoms

73% of those polled regularly experience psychological symptoms

48% of those polled feel their stress has increased over the past 5 years

76% of those polled cited money and work as the leading causes of stress

48% say stress has negatively impacted their personal & professional life

35% say job interference for family & personal time led to significant stress

54% say stress has led them to fight with people close to them

$300 BILLION annual costs to employers in stress related health care and missed work. (CHA-CHING)!!

Now, go back to the beginning when I said, remember when you were young. Back then personal technology, the speed and intensity of the way we lived, the amount of information we consumed paled in comparison to what it is now. The children these days are actually living a life that is significantly more complicated, stimulating, and stressful. Their need to compete is back to the notion the more you know, the greater the chance of getting into college and landing their dream job. Generations will continue to live a life that is more advanced, but at what price? Understanding the value of self care at a young age, which includes learning to switch your phone and your mind to silent mode, will be one of the most valuable lessons one can learn.

This blogs message falls on the heels of Januarys blog topic, A Canvas of Possibilities (please read to understand how the two are related). Now, is the perfect time to evaluate the investments you will be making in 2015. Monetary investments are a necessity, but even those are best made when the OPPORTUNITY COSTS are part of the decision making process-a Warren Buffet standard! For yourself, for your families, for your employees, consider working with us to learn how to live with awareness for the things that matter most. Stress is a necessity, it is primal, it is rooted in the flight or fight response . To grow up and out of diversity makes us stronger and wiser, but unless we know how to use it for our greater good it will continue to wreak havoc on our minds and bodies. It is also a part of life that needs to be understood so the positive, productive, and profitable outcomes can materialize.

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