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Allison Gaughan, the Founder of Corporate Prana, is with us today to discuss the many benefits surrounding energetic well-being in your workplace. Each service is tailored to help reflect what your company may want to focus on. Allison, take it away!

Please tell us a little about Corporate Prana. What made you start a business surrounding health and wellness?

Personal Image Branding - Business Branding by TRUE BLUE PortraitLike many entrepreneurs, my business is a manifestation of how I choose to express myself both personally and professionally in the world. Corporate Prana was founded as a symbolic vehicle to help people and companies live and work with greater wellbeing. Conscious living and leading is at the heart of wellbeing so when people and companies shift their perspectives and experience transformation, that is when I feel the greatest sense of peace and fulfillment.

What does Corporate Prana offer to its clients?

We thrive helping companies thrive. Knowing each company is unique, we deliver custom packages. Our core offerings are yoga and meditation classes, conscious leadership consulting, and designing wellness rooms.

Depending on the state of wellbeing, the culture, and what programs currently exist, the company may choose one or more of our services. Learning and development is another component that is popular and can be tailored to meet the needs of the organization and employee demographic.

How does shifting energy benefit one in life and workplace?

Energy is everything! Our mind and body are in a constant state of generating, storing, and expending energy, for ourselves and to everyone and everything around us. Every thought, word, and action, will permeate and create a state of peace or stress depending on the internal and external dialogue. Becoming conscious of one’s personal energy, so it’s not constricted and directed from stress and toxins in the mind and body is the best place to start. When one is able to show up and interact with others who share this energetic perspective, the workplace turns from a high stress environment to a collaborative and thriving one.

In your opinion, why is it important for companies to get involved with their employees’ well-being?

Culture and employee engagement are elusive to many companies, yet they’re the foundation of wellbeing. A strong culture is conscious and whole and takes into consideration the needs of the stakeholders as well as the shareholders. A daily commitment to communicate and deliver the company’s values, vision, and mission creates the fusion between the employees and the organization. Everyday there is an opportunity for this symbiotic relationship to thrive if the company is willing.

What is your favorite spot to be out and about in San Diego?

Does anywhere on Highway 101 count? I have a few favorite spots, but if I had to choose just one it would be the meditation gardens at the Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas. This world renowned location is no secret, but is a perfect haven for silence and beauty.

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