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INTEGRITY (noun) the quality of being honest and fair, the state of being complete and whole.  This would seem relatively easy for most people to accomplish on a daily basis, wouldn’t you think? And yet this one word, with its simplistic essence, is one of the most challenging opportunities we are presented with in life and in business.

Even though we are, as a human species, more alike than we are different, we are approximately 8 Billion strong of personal frequencies that influence our choices to make integral choices.  Over time, the imprints of our experiences, along with our thoughts, beliefs, and actions began to color our perspectives. Like the spectrum of rainbow colors that eventually fade in the sky after a shower of strong electromagnetic energy, our ability to stay whole, clear, honest, and fair is also subject to change- in fact, it is in a constant state of change.

Here’s a perspective that may or may not be familiar to you.  The personal energy that is generated, stored and expanded in the mind and body is kept within or exchanged with one or more persons at all times.  The frequency that you stream in your consciousness runs through your entire body and is felt on many levels. The systems and structures within your mind and body are influenced each time you make a decision that is in or out of integrity.

That famous saying of what it means to be in integrity… to do what is right when no one is looking… it’s because no one needs to be looking- it just got stored on your personal hard drive whether you knew it or not.  It also got stored at a cellular level where you will accumulate emotional toxicity that can be just as destructive as physical toxicity.  Emotional obesity is a disorder that is prevalent and unless corrected can leave generations in its wake.

So when and with whom might you be out of integrity?  Your life and work depend on your level of commitment to raise your consciousness so be open, curious, and creative in discovering a new approach. Your ability to sense and feel the emotions running through your body and the peace or nervous energy that your mind is expending will tell you, but you need to tune in.  The easiest way to know is that if you are making a decision that is for your higher good or for the higher good of others- is that you will feel light if you feel heavy you’re not.

Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman (co-authors of 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership) explain that integrity, this wholeness comes from:

  • The unbroken flow of energy and life force
  • Congruence between what is expressed and what is experienced
  • Alignment with life purpose

To offer a list of examples of how you might find yourself out of integrity is possible, but your list is for you to reflect and meditate on.  Soon you will cultivate the ability to respond versus react. When you bring your awareness to what you think, do, or say, you have the opportunity to find the peace, love, patience, courage, and excitement of living in integrity.  This will have an immediate effect on your energy level, your health of mind and body, and a lasting impact on everyone and everything you come in contact with.

Thanks to Gale and Kate Hendricks, you can use these 4 Pillars to keep you in strong in your pursuit of living and leading consciously:

  1. Take 100% responsibility
  2. Speak authentically
  3. Feel feelings all the way through to completion
  4. Keep agreements

As you become more conscious of your internal dialogue and find yourself more in touch with what you would like to make happen for yourself and others remember this … Conversations are relationships in the making, including the one you have with yourself.

Your future life and business can only be changed by what you do in the present. And if you ever need to make reference to the past where you felt you did not benefit, ONLY refer to it in a way that will rebuild your future. This will help support the foundation of which your life and your work are created.

If you have a personal experience about living in integrity, we would love to hear your approach and outcomes so leave us a comment, and if you have any questions or comments you can reach out to us directly.

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