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Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash


The most powerful action I have ever committed is writing these four words:

“To Nurture Inner Illumination.”

This is my Noble Goal, a sentence of purpose that is etched into my heart. That sentence acts as a compass for my everyday actions, and it is such a gift. That sentence gifts me strength when I feel tired. That sentence gifts me generosity when I feel selfish. That sentence gifts me self-compassion when I feel self-critical. That sentence faithfully guides me, day after day, toward the person I really want to be.

The gift of a Noble Goal can transform your life. When your purpose lives in the forefront of your mind, not screaming at the kids becomes a little bit easier. When you recognize and honor the need to fuel this purpose, scheduling time to take care of yourself becomes a little bit easier. Life with yourself and your community becomes a little bit more joyful and meaningful.

The gift of a Noble Goal helps you bloom in more than just your personal life. The sense of purpose that helps you not yell at your kids also bolsters your performance in the office. Having a clear sense of purpose is a key component for being a great leader. When Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network asked employees around the globe to describe a leader they admired, these three descriptions came up over and over again: authentic, natural, and trustworthy. When leaders live out their deeply-held values, feel strong enough to show vulnerability, and demonstrate an ethics system that values integrity, they thrive. Finding these characteristics within ourselves is nearly impossible without a clear sense of purpose.

Are you receiving the gifts of a Noble Goal in both your personal and professional life? Or could your Noble Goal use creation or clarification? Here is a step-by-step guide to creating or clarifying your own meaningful, purposeful Noble Goal.

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Three Steps to Crafting Your Own Noble Goal:

1. The most important component of your Noble Goal is that it feels meaningful to YOU. Considering one (or all!) of these questions, write down any words or phrases that come to mind in response. Then, we will use these words to craft a Noble Goal:

You are very old, and the end of your days is nearing. As you look back on your beautiful life, you smile with pride and deep gratitude. What about your life is making your old self smile? What have you accomplished? What emotions do you feel?

If you have children or want children, imagine them grown and old. As they think about you, grateful tears well up in their eyes. How are they remembering you? What is the legacy you have left for these grown children of yours?

As a child, what was your heart drawn toward? What made you come alive? Many children know their Noble Goal, but the stresses of being a grown up covers it up. Can you tap into what your inner child thinks your purpose in life is– what is the most meaningful play you can imagine?

2. Using the words and phrases you just wrote in response to these questions, fill in this template to write your Noble Goal as a sentence:

verb + adjective + noun

For example, mine is:
To nurture inner illumination.

Other examples:
To inspire compassionate wisdom
To create wise change-makers
Crafting loving and authentic communities

Mix around your words, and channel your inner playful child to have some fun! Most words can be transformed into verbs, adjective, or nouns, so play around with each one until you’ve found a sentence that feels meaningful and poignant to you. It doesn’t have to be perfect today—you have your entire life to craft + clarify your Noble Goal!

3. Check that your Noble Goal meets these criteria from Six Seconds. If it doesn’t meet one of them, see what you can switch around to make it work:

1. Not complete in your lifetime. It is enduring and inspiring; your noble goal will span your entire life. It isn’t something to accomplish. It is a way to be.

2. Pointed outward. The focus is on something outside yourself. It will benefit the world. It can also be turned inward to benefit yourself, but it should be able to point outward, too.

3. Integrates many domains of your life. Your noble goal can apply to all aspects of your life: work, family, friends, spiritual life.

4. Gets you out of bed. It motivates you on a deep, deep level. It will give you motivation when the going gets tough.

5. No one made less. No one is hurt or made wrong by your noble goal. This helps you stay out of your ego.

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How does it feel to have identified or clarified your gift of a Noble Goal?

Now that you’ve identified your Noble Goal, write it down. Place it somewhere you can see it daily! Your Noble Goal has the power to transform and guide your life, but only if you remember it. How can you bring your Noble Goal to the forefront of your mind?

Congratulations on your new gift! I can’t wait to see how your Noble Goal bubbles up into the world. I know that your purpose is a needed one, and you will give us all a gift by honoring it.

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Maria Jackson is a guest writer for Corporate Alchemy Consortium. After having her life changed by emotional intelligence, she is thrilled to share the personal and practical inspirations of EQ with others. Her noble goal is to nurture inner illumination, and her writing inspires others to uncover their own inner light.