Half or Full Strategy Days

This half or full day session is a great place to begin or bolster your vision for a sustainable a successful future.  We have a dynamic process to draw out what’s wanting to emerge for all systems and stakeholder to thrive.


If your organization feels called to do a Full Strategy Day, we ask that C-Suite or key decision makers attend and must be done in person- off-site location.  This is a deeper dive into our process and is highly experiential based on work through MIT ( Theory U) Awareness based systems change.


Half Strategy Day can be done virtual or in person- on or off site.  Although C-Suite aren’t necessary, key decision makers are.


We love to collaborate and we hope you do too.  We feel our consulting is a collaborative relationship that will be long term with various members of our team providing you, your team and organization the spirit and support needed.

Company cultures that see transformation to include people, business and society as a whole are those that will forever change generations of life, the economy and the planet.

Building engaged and successful culture for present and future campaigns requires leadership to be personally, professionally, and organizationally aligned. We can support you from the ground up so your initiatives are sustainable, low cost, and benefit the common good.


Should you be wanting ongoing support, monthly retainers are also available and you are welcome to mix and match our partner expertise to guide you through all stages of leadership and organizational development.


Let’s Get Started!

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