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Breathing is the foundation of life and yoga; similar to life breathing can be both conscious and unconscious. Breathing acts as the link between your mind and body and when done properly dramatically influences your psychological and physical health.

How Breathing Enhances Living

A steady and stable yogic breath infuses the mind and body with rich oxygen that instantly calm, activate, and alleviate the layers of stress that build up in mind and body. How does this happen? As you breathe, prana, this life force energy begins to flow freely into your body; activating a host of positive physiological chemical reactions. Depending on the yoga style you choose, the focus and benefits very, however, the activation of the parasympatheitc system cues all systems that detoxing and renewal are well under way.

Secondly, breathing enhances autonomic functions in the body. During the physical practice, your breath, structural alignment and the patterns you hold during yoga, reorganize. During this process, intelligent infrastructures in the musculoskeletal system, myofascial, and other organs and areas work together to heal, build, and repair.

Breathing is the cornerstone for all styles of Yoga. Breath control, also known as pranayma, are as diverse and challenging as some yoga postures, but the goal is to experience yourself expanding fully in each moment with equinimity that you can draw on long after your practice on the mat is complete. The list of benefits are endless, but the most commonly reported are new found calm, focus, deep connection with self and others, empathy, courage, strength and patience.

Getting Started

Yoga and breathing is the single most cost-effective and impactful personal and business practice you can have.  Like learning how to breathe properly or choosing a yoga class, getting started can be overwhelming. At Corporate Prana we support you in creating Yoga programs that fit your needs and those of your company and employees. We see Yoga as an important part of everyday living and a necessary tool for those in the work environment. We understand how prolonged hours of sitting and pressures of work can impact employees consequently having an impact on the company’s general performance.

We take the time to understand the unique needs of each member of the team so that we put together programs that are beneficial to all. A company whose employees deliberately seek wellness through Yoga realizes higher performance because wellness of employees fosters a positive work environment.

More to that, Corporate Prana can also create wellness spaces within your organization. These spaces are intended for use by employees to take yoga classes or retreat into after work or during breaks. The impact of the wellness spaces so far is that it has seen drops in employee absenteeism due to doctors’ visits, chronic illnesses, or other personal reasons. Our clients have in turn reported greater return on investment from their employees.

Value Addition

Let’s face it, with the pace and pressure of life increasing, sometimes we don’t even realize we are in a state of chronic stress; our breathing however is the first place to take control of it.  Since Corporate Prana feels the success of the company rests in employee well-being, we have gone a step further in ensuring its clients are able to monitor their breathing patterns even when not taking part in a Yoga session by using the Spire.

Spire, is a wearable breath tracking device, backed by 7 years of clinical data, that detects your sense of calm, focus, tense, throughout the day. It vibrates to interrupt the cycle of tension and anxiety reminding you to breathe and regain composure. To help you breathe, it comes with a library of meditations that help you regain calm and control fast during a stressful situation. It also tracks your physical activity, providing on the spot notifications that remind you to stay active and hit your fitness goals.

Ultimately, the mind follows the breath and the body follows the mind so doesn’t it make sense to learn how to breathe this year? We are here to guide you in the process with various workshops and classes that will stimulate your mind and body.  We are proud to be offering the Spire device to companies and employees which help employees and the company sustainably thrive and profit. Please call to learn more 760-419-5108 or visit

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