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If there was an approach to LIFE and WORK, two areas that are inherently complex and inseparable, that consisted of 5 ways to manifest more by doing less, would you take notice? Would you implement them? The saying, “less is more” is a secret to personal energy management so if you’re looking to adopt a new philosophy and habits to increase your energy throughout the day, and your life, read on….

As you know, the answer, or truth, always lies within which saves you energy right from the start. No need to exhaust your financial resources looking for outside cures, that creates more ‘to do.’ The most efficient way to create what you desire is to start with yourself and let the transformational process take care of itself. One of the hidden benefits of energy transformation is that the immediate effect it has on you will penetrate your surroundings and everyone in them. Remember, you are in relationship with everything and everyone around you so when you use your personal energy form a least effort stand point, it allows for greater creation. Remember, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

Let’s take a look at the 5 ways to expend energy efficiently so you can become wildly successful. The original three ways of least effort are taken from a law Deepak Chopra explains in his book, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. He states it is a natural law of the universe that when there is no resistance, when there is harmony and love, that all things manifest and abundantly. Note, two additional ways were included because I feel you have an opportunity and responsibility to positively impact the lives of others you know and love. The ripple effect will leave in its wake lasting transformation which, if there is anything worth having more of, peace, harmony, wellbeing, and love rank the highest on most peoples’ top desires.


#1. Acceptance – This means that you are willing to accept the moment as total and complete, without judgment. Wishing the situation could be different is expending energy that takes you down a path that looks for you to escape which is unhealthy and leaves you drained. Once you have accepted the truth of the situation, ask yourself what is it about this situation that you would like to experience differently in the future? If you are with another person, or many people, and the situation is leaving you upset, remember that you are not reacting to the person or situation, but to your feelings about it. Once your awareness shifts you are now harnessing your energy to take the next positive step.

#2. Responsibility – This is where you have the ability to create a response to the situation as it is in the moment by learning from it. Every moment contains seeds of opportunities. Your reality is an interpretation by which you can change instantly depending on the person/s you are with. If you are with a loved one/s, a peer, a team, your boss, shift your perspective to see how they are teaching you something about yourself.

#3. Defenselessness – Once your perspective has shifted, you may notice how you have begun to conserve your energy within the situation. To take it a step further you adopt a neutral way of thinking that is not solely focused on proving your point, this will increase your energy and shift theirs as well. When you are defensive about upholding your ego image-what you feel is “right”, it takes an enormous amount of energy and the person or persons’ doing the same creates a very combustible environment. Be flexible, open, and know that one person shifting the energy is enough. When all parties are aware of these ways, productivity, innovation, collaboration, are the natural energetic outcome.

#4. Share these ways with others – Insights, wisdom, experiences are meant to be shared, especially when you can create harmonious environments whether at home or at work. Individuals thrive in places that are rich with natural ways of energetic flow verses constriction. When you practice these daily, you will notice within yourself and others how conversations are less competitive and more collaborative.

#5. Record your miracles – When life opens up and beautiful things begin to change for the better, with less effort, they are often described as miracles. That is because an opening occurred, where light could move in and the energetic heaviness within the physical body is no longer felt. Our bodies are designed to generate, store, and expend energy so to rechanneling the energy to align itself with a greater connection is when miracles take place. It could be the miracle of lower blood pressure, getting off medication, having more energy to exercise and as a result lose weight. It could be the miracle of a healed relationship, a promotion, accepting that life is truly abundant even though you don’t have the wealth you hoped to have. Recording the miracles, you see in others is equally gratifying, it’s a way of accomplishing miracles by association which leaves you feeling engaged in LIFE.

Since energy management is one of our passions, we would love to hear if you put these practices into place and if so how did they help you. Share your story so we can record your miracle.


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